Sell to us
Hand over in only 4-5 weeks


Do you want to downsize your portfolio? Get rid of an unwanted property? Are you struggling to sell quickly enough?

Talks to us about whether your property would be suitable for what we are looking for. If so, we'd love to buy it!


We take over as soon as the legal agreements are in place, this could be only 4-5 weeks as we wouldn’t be arranging a mortgage right now


As we’d be doing a protracted sale, similar to a rent-to-buy agreement, we don’t need a mortgage now, so the sale is not going to fall through due to financing issues


We will pay you a monthly fee that counts towards the purchase price we agree, until we complete the purchase in 5 years’ time, when you get the outstanding amount


We take it over as ours with a legal agreement and complete the purchase in 5 years’ time. We handle all maintenance issues bar structure, roof and boiler


We deal with the tenants, you don’t have to





Enjoy being a landlord again - how will you benefit?

Going down the 'normal' tenancy route   :-(

As a property owner who rents their house out, you may well have heard of, or even experienced, occasional problems with tenants.

You firstly have to find tenants, which means your property might be unoccupied for a while, whilst you might still be paying the mortgage, even if no-one is living in the property. And you may have to pay an estate agency to find a tenant for you.

Whilst tenants are in the property, you will have to deal with every snag and every bit of maintenance, which may be an endless string of issues.

If the tenants are late on their payments, are not paying at all, are causing damage to the property, are causing complaints from the neighbours, or they are not complying with the tenancy agreement, it can be extremely difficult to evict them nowadays.

When tenants leave the property, it is usually in a much worse condition than it was when they moved in.

Being a Buy-To-Let landlord/lady used to be easier and lucrative, but is now much less so.

Renting your house to Randos Properties   :-)

When you rent your house or flat to us, we will keep any of those issues away from you.

Your rent will be guaranteed to be in your account for the duration of our agreement with you (usually three years).

We will take over any snags and maintenance issues that are below £50 a month, so you will hardly hear from us, you'll just have the rent rolling into your account every month.

And here's your security: in the extremely unlikely event that we should fail to pay the rent, our contract states you get the property back within 7 days, removing the risk from you.

As it is in our interest that the property be in tip-top condition for our guests, your house will never have looked better! After all, your property is the shop window to this business.

And, since the house is now used as serviced accommodation, you even have tax benefits in the form of capital allowances.


We will rent your house from you.

Get guaranteed long-term rent 

No voids, not arrears, no hassle with tenants

Randos Properties rents houses from private landlords/ladies on 3-year contracts

We spruce the house up and turn it into short-term accommodation and holiday let for professionals, visitors and holiday-makers

We deal with all bookings and guests and do minor maintenance

You get your rent each month, so just sit back and relax

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